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X-CHEATS - Мы всегда рады новым разработчикам которые готовы предоставить свои приватные читы для продажи, мы следим за нашими продуктами и информируем вас о выходе обновления.

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We are always glad to new developers who are ready to provide their private cheats for sale on our website in the future, we work through an intermediary digiseller.com in order for us to publish your products, you need to contact us using the contact details below and also you need to issue an individual offer to the account No.1059634 with the specified percentage from 35% to 50%, depending on the popularity and quality of your product.
You should also understand that our side is neutral, and we fully support the fact that the buyer should be satisfied because he spends money on your product, if your product is of poor quality or led the buyer to block, you automatically agree to a full refund.

Our contact Telegram: https://t.me/leon4rdik
Our contact ВКонтакте: https://vk.me/x_cheats
Our contact Discord: https://discord.gg/bjKRAaTfpF


Подробная информация о поддержке сайта x-cheats.com


We provide our customers with full support, from choosing a cheat to solving problems as they use it.

Подробная информация о качестве сайта x-cheats.com


We sell quality cheats from the best developers with a long time without detection and positive reviews.

Подробная информация о гарантиях сайта x-cheats.com


We guarantee a full refund to the buyer in case of proven errors on the part of the cheat developer.

Подробная информация о стоимости читов на сайте x-cheats.com


We provide cheats without extra charges, exhibit products with the most detailed description and always monitor their relevance.


X-CHEATS - A team of young enthusiasts who are engaged in supporting new and already experienced cheaters in online games, we buy cheats from popular manufacturers and sell them for you, but with full support during your game.

We only sell private cheats, not create them, but still we do it through oplata.info, where you can always contact their guarantor support or leave your honest feedback, this gives us transparency in sales.

Sometimes cheat developers offer us free keys in order to play them, we play them in our Discord channel

We provide you with the opportunity to return the money in the event that the developer's cheat does not work correctly or interferes with your gameplay.

No one can guarantee 100% protection against possible blockages.
We recommend that you use only proven cheats with a long undetected status.