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Required ОС Windows 10/11 PRO x64

Window mode: Оконный без рамок

Cheat status: Undetected

Built-in spoofer: Нет

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Good and unique in its own way cheat for a comfortable game in RUST, which contains not a small number of functions and, most importantly, works and fully functions.
At the moment, this cheat has the status: Undetected

Before buying, please read the Return guarantee.
We take full responsibility for the refund, in case of malfunction!

PLAYER ESP: (2D Box, Corner Box, Skeleton, Name Tag, Fill Box, Health Bar, Snapline, Weapon Info, Player info, Chams, Sleep Ignore, Team Ignore, Show Distance, Wounded Alert)
MISC ESP: (Wolf, Bear, Stag, Chicken, Boar, Horse, Weapons, Show Distance, Tunnel Dweller, Scientist NPC, Airdrop, Stash)
RESOURCES: (Stone Ore, Stone, Sulfur Ore, Sulfur, Metal Ore, Metal, Mushroom, Hemp)
LOOTS & VEHICLES: (military crate, elite crate, loot crate, food crate, medical crate, toolbox crate, Minicopter, Scrap Heli and etc...)

Aimbot: (Aim Bot, Aimbot Key, Silent, Silent Line, Scientist Aimbot, Prediction, Fov, Smooth, Sleeper Ignore, Team Ignore, Wounded Ignore)

Config: (Rage Config, Legit Config, Zero Config)

Functions: (Admin Flag, Graphic Fov, FakeWorkbench, ThirdPerson, Night Mode, Old Box ESP, Fake Lag, Spin Bot, Camera [PGUP] [PGDOWN] [ARROW KEYS])

MISC: (Spiderman, Fly Hack [F], Infinity Jump, Timer [MB3], Gravity, Walk On Water [Z], Jump Shot, Fly Bypass [X], Long Neck, Speed Hack [MB4])

Values: (Gravity Distance, Fov Value, Speed Value, FlyHack Speed Value, Timer Value, Time Value, Light Value, Crosshair Length, Crosshair Gap)

Weapon: (No Recoil, No Spread, Fat Bullet, Automatic, No Sway, Super Eoka, Super Meele, Shotgun No Spread, Super Compound Bow, Zoom, ADS Hide, Crosshair, InstaBow)

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