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Required ОС Windows 10/11 PRO x64

Window mode: Оконный без рамок

Cheat status: Detected

Built-in spoofer: Нет

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Good and unique in its own way cheat for a comfortable game in RUST, which contains not a small number of functions and, most importantly, works and fully functions.
At the moment, this cheat has the status: Detected

Before buying, please read the Return guarantee.
We take full responsibility for the refund, in case of malfunction!

Player Chams
Hand Chams (Pulse / Health / Glow / Standart)
Box (Defualt / Corner)
HealthBar (Vertical / Horizontal / Text)

Draw Fov (0.0 - 600.0)
Target Line
Player Fov (Fov / Zoom)

Show Distance
Ore Esp (Stone Ore / Metal Ore / Sulfur Ore)
Vehicles Esp ( Vehicles / Helicopter)
Crate Esp (Elite / Basic / Normal / Tool)

Mushrooms, Dropped Items, Airdrops, Corpse
Traps Esp (Flame Turret/Landmine/Sam Site/Guntrap/Beartrap/Turrets)

Perfect Silent (Head / Body)
Silent Melee
Auto Shoot
Fast Shoot
Fast Bullet
No Recoil, Spread (Projectile / Weapon), Sway, Bob, Lower, Weapon Animation
Thick bullet (0.0 - 0.9)

Bullet Teleport (Head / Body / Max Size On Mounted (7m onmounted)
Manipulator (Visualisation / Scan For Hit)
HitBox Override (head / body / pelvis / leg)
Insta Kill
Insta Hit
Spoof HitDistance

Fake Shoots
Rapid Fire
Instant Eoka
Insta Kill
Silent Reload (Indicator)

Look Position
Target Info
Belt Info
FlyHack Indicator

Radar Settings (Show Players)

Infinite Jump
Shoot Mounted
High Jump
Interactive Debug
Bright Night
Rayleigh Changer
Time Changer
Admin Mode
Custom HitSound

Omni Sprint
No Collision
Walk On Water
Long Neck
Fake Lag
On Ladder
Insta Med
Auto Farm Ore, Tree
Auto Farm Bot (Runs And Farms For U)
Auto PickUp, Revive
NoClip Bypass


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