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Required ОС: Windows 10 or 11 (PRO)

Processor: AMD / INTEL

Window mode: Fullscreen

Cheat status: Undetected

Built-in spoofer: No

USB-flash is required: No

Mode ОС: AVX1 / AVX2

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At the moment, this cheat has the status: Undetected

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We take full responsibility for the refund, in case of malfunction!

Health Bar
Distance (Customizable Position)
Dont Draw Friendly Option
Friendly Color Override
Enemy Color Override
Active Item (Icons, Game Names and Shortened Names)
Player Chams (Solid Visible, Solid Visible/Invisible, Solid Outline Visible/Invisible, Wireframe, Rainbow Wireframe, See Through Wall with Soft Line, Blured, Trippy)
Players on Radar option
Sleepers on Radar option
Wounded on on Radar option
Health Bar
Distance (Customizable Position)
Active Item ( Icons, Game Names and Shortened Names)
All Animal ESP (Name, Icons, Health Bar, Distance)
All Vehicle ESP (Name, Icons, Health Bar, Distance)
All Ore ESP (Name, Distance)
All Collectibles ESP (Name, Distance)
Stash ESP (Name, Distance)
All Crates ESP (Name, Distance)
Cargo, Patrol Heli, Bradley (Name, Health Bar, Distance)
Player Corpses (Name, Distance)
Player Backpacks (Name, Distance)
Tool Cupboards (Name, Distance)
All Workbenches (Name, Distance)
Sleeping bags (Name, Distance)
Melee Weapons (Name, Distance)
Tier 1 Weapons (Name, Distance)
Tier 2 Weapons (Name, Distance)
Tier 3 Weapons (Name, Distance)
Explosives (Name, Distance)
Resources (Name, Distance)
Tools (Name, Distance)
Medical (Name, Distance)
Ammo (Name, Distance)
Other (Name, Distance)
Shotgun Trap (Name, Distance)
Flame Turret (Name, Distance)
SAM Site (Name, Distance)
Auto Turrets (Name, Health, Distance)
Bear Traps (Name, Distance)
Landmines (Name, Distance)
Show Authorized Traps (Name, Distance)
All Raid Items (Name, Distance)
Seconds of Last Raid Item
Bright Cave
Edit Night
Night Ambient Multiplier
Change Night Ambient Color
View Model Hand Chams ( Solid Visible, Solid Visible/Invisible, Solid Outline Visible/Invisible, Wireframe, Rainbow Wireframe, See Through Wall with Soft Line, Blured, Trippy )
View Model Weapon Chams ( Solid Visible, Solid Visible/Invisible, Solid Outline Visible/Invisible, Wireframe, Rainbow Wireframe, See Through Wall with Soft Line, Blured, Trippy )

Aimbot type - Normal, Silent and Manipulation
Draw FOV Circle
Aim Spot
Auto Shoot
Auto Shoot Sound
Rapid Fire
Increase Bullet TP Scan On Mounted Targets
Instant Hit
Auto Shoot Wait For Instant Hit
Bullet TP
Patrol Heli Bullet TP

Recoil Y
Recoil X
Aim cone
No Spread
Force Automatic
No Sway
Faster Bullets
Instant Eoka
Fast Bow
Instant Compound Charge
Auto Reload
Faster Auto Reload
Wield Items While Mounted
Better Penetration
Shoot Through Wounded
Shoot Through Teammates
Hit Override ( Head, Chest)
Hit Override Patrol Heli
Silent Melee
Weapon Spam
No Fall
Infinite jump
Jesus Mode ( Walk on Water)
Omni-sprint ( Running Sideways)
Anti Fly-hack Kick
Prevent Cheat Detected
Noclip Collisions
No tree Collisions
No player Collisions
Interactive Debug
Admin Flag
Block Server Commands
Auto Upgrade
Disable On Running Out of Material
Disable after (X) Seconds
Show Indicator
On Key Max Desync Override
Max on Desync Time
Desync Mode
Max Desync Time
Disable When In Air
Disable When Moving
Disable When Mounted
Instant Loot
Loot Stashes Without Unhiding
No Screen Shake
Always Hit Hot Spot
Silent Farm
Auto Farm Barrels
Can Create Your Own config/Use someone else Config
Save and Load Config
Player List:
Can Edit any Player In your server to: Neutral, Friendly, Enemy


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